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Latest News from Das Haus Tour Atlanta

Recap of Week 1

UPDATED: 10/25/2011
added pictures
Das Haus is off to a running start here in Atlanta!
Tours and visitor programs have been ongoing since the Grand Opening on… Read More »

First day down and a lot more to come!

We are already underway in Atlanta and things are off to a great start! The sun is shining and the crowds are curious about what’s sprouted up on the lawn… Read More »

Visitor Program: SCAD @ 10:00am

UPDATED: 10/25/2011
Students, Students everywhere! Approximately 110 SCAD students from Savannah and Atlanta alike visited Das Haus to learn about design, architecture, renewables and energy efficiency. Field trips and interactive… Read More »

Press Preview @ 4pm

Prior to the Grand Opening on October 19th members of any Atlanta media outlets are welcome to visit Das Haus for a sneak-peak of Das Haus. Press contacts are welcome… Read More »

Expert Presentation and Visitor Program: USGBC-GA @ 3pm

UPDATED: 10/25/2011
USGBC-GA members showed their stuff by filling up Das Haus for Vikram Sami’s expert presentation and anĀ individualizedĀ tour. Networking and exchange of ideas were key points of… Read More »

Here we go!

Construction of Das Haus started this morning at the World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Place! Be sure to check out the GACC blog post here and the WoCC webcam here.

Expert Presentation and Visitor Program: AIA @ 1pm

UPDATED: 10/25/2011
Friday was a busy day with SCAD visiting in the morning and our AIA presentation in the afternoon followed by a USGBC event. AIA members came out to… Read More »